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Child Support Modification

The Washington state legislature has made parenting plan modifications difficult for people. This is done to help create stability for the children and to prevent abuse by vindictive parents. In fact, before a party can proceed forward with a parenting plan modification, the court needs to find "adequate cause" to proceed.

The statute that governs parenting plan modifications, RCW 26.09.260, outlines the various ways parenting plans can be modified and the requirements that need to be met in order to modify a parenting plan. That statute is large and complex. Under the statute, the greater the modification, the more difficult the requirements are to make the modification happen.

At the Law office of Charlie Shane, PLLC, we have a lot of experience with parenting plan modifications. We sit down with our clients, listen to the facts of the situation, and help our clients to determine if and how a parenting plan should be modified. Please contact us so that we can help you if you feel that your children's parenting plan needs changing.