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Creating a Parenting Plan


 If you are the undisputed parent of a child, regardless of if you are married or not, until the court says otherwise, you have equal rights to that child. It does not matter if one parent is a good parent or a bad parent. It does not matter if one parent spends a lot of time with the children or little time with the children. It does not matter if a parent is neglectful or a wonderful parent. You both have equal rights until a court says otherwise.

A parenting plan sets forth what the rights of the parents will be. It does more than simply establish visitation rights. It sets forth who the primary custodian of the children will be. It sets forth the rules regarding decision-making. It tries to set forth all the rules regarding the parents relationship with the children. It becomes the law as to those parents with penalties for violating that law.

A parenting plan is like a contract. That is why it is important to have custom provisions which reflects the intent of the parties or the courts regarding the children and how the parents are to behave around the children. In addition, the courts are bound by various statutes which must be considered when entering a parenting plan. Creating a good parenting plan which complies with Washington law and reflects the ideas and intent of the parent who wants it is no easy task.

It is important to have a lawyer on your side who understands the ins and outs of creating a good parenting plan. It is important to have a lawyer making sure that your rights are adequately represented in the parenting plan. Like a contract, you want to make sure that that parenting plan will protect you if there is ever a future argument with the other parent regarding the plan. 

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