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 Are you enduring difficult issues at home such as pending divorce, child custody issues and or spousal support issues? Dissolving a marriage and breaking up a family is one of the most painful processes you will ever go through emotionally, psychologically and financially. This is true for both the adults and children involved. I am attorney Charlie Shane and I am here to help you through this difficult process. It is important that you have an experienced attorney on your side to protect your rights as well as your interests. I have many years experience offering sound legal advice, divorce settlement negotiations and family law litigation services to clients dealing with delicate issues related to domestic law. In addition, I have a long standing history of providing cost-effective resolutions and obtaining favorable results for my clients. Whether you are contemplating, or enduring, a divorce, a child custody battle or are dealing with child support issues you should speak to an experienced family law attorney handling all aspects of family law all over the Puget Sound region in Kitsap, King, Snohomish, Pierce and other Counties. At the Law Office of Charlie Shane, PLLC I am devoted to the timely, affordable resolution of my clients’ legal problems. In an effort to serve you better and provide the best possible experience I use the latest computer technology for research and case preparation, and strive to stay abreast of emerging litigation techniques and changes in Washington State family law. Since I began practicing law in 2002, I have worked hard to seek the best possible results on behalf of my clients, who in return have wholeheartedly referred friends and family to my office. My entire practice is devoted to providing personal service and I pride myself on my ability to get to know each and every client individually in addition to becoming familiar with their case. Myself, and my staff are trained to communicate effectively with each other and every client. I feel very strongly about empowering my clients so that they fully understand all viable legal options before making decisions that will affect their futures. 

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