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Parenting Plan Modification

Has there been a substantial change in circumstances since the original parenting plan was entered in your case? Is your parenting plan not working out for you or your children? If so, please give our office a call to find out if a parenting plan change would be right for your situation. If you need help with a possible parenting plan modification, please do not hesitate to contact us at (206) 201-3655 or email us. 

The Washington state legislature has made it very difficult to make major changes parenting plans. The requirements to change a parenting plan are set forth in RCW 26.09.260. Under RCW before you can even get on track to go to trial, you have to get over an "adequate cause" hurdle in which the courts scrutinize your case to see if there is even enough merit to proceed forward. Many times courts are reluctant to do anything to disturb a parenting plan, especially if you are seeking a major change in custody or visitation. Parenting plan modifications are difficult even in the best of circumstances. That is why it is critical to have a skilled custody lawyer fighting on your side.

​A minor modification, such as minor changes in the visitation schedule or changes to some of the other provision of a parenting plan, is not quite as difficult to change with the courts. However, if the other parent is not reasonable or very litigious, even a minor modification can become very difficult. Again, let us help you to achieve your goal with your custody needs.

If the other parent is trying to change a parenting plan and you do not want it changed, let us help you. We have successfully defended several parenting plans. 

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