Family Law attorneys

The Law Office of Charlie Shane, PLLC


          The Law Office of Charlie Shane, PLLC offers a variety of reasonable rates to meet the needs of our clients. While we typically follow an hourly rate model with an upfront deposit. For each client we thoughtfully evaluate their case and offer a rate that would best meet their situation. Sometimes a client may not be able to afford full representation but can afford limited representation for specific parts of their case, for example for "motions." We can offer affordable rates to help these clients through some of the more difficult parts of their case where attorney representation would be most beneficial. We are very flexible in our pricing and in adapting to the needs of our clients.

         We also will many times help low income clients. We usually will require less up front and will offer deep discounts depending on that particular client's situation and the firm's caseload. If you are low income, please send us an email to explore the possibilities for reduced rate representation. However, please do not interpret this as meaning we are going to represent your case for free because you are low income. 

          In addition, we offer either in person or phone consultations by appointment. Our current rate is $230 for up to a one hour consultation. The best way to schedule a consultation is either via the contacting tab of this website or a text inquiry to (206) 823-9910. At the consultation, you can ask questions you may have regarding your legal issues and we will endeavor to formulate an initial plan of action, if appropriate.