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"I would recommend Charlie without a second thought in a heart beat. He made my fiance feel safe in knowing that no more time with his son would be stolen by someone full of hate. He was Johnny on the spot whenever we needed him with answers that made an incredibly stressful situation less stressful. My fiance's time with his child had been walked all over for years due to affordability concerns until we met Charlie. He is incredibly reasonable and understands the importance of time with family and not always being able to afford to fight for what is right. He made state of the art work affordable. I couldn't recommend a better person to fight for you and your family. Every time we needed him I knew he'd be there with a guiding hand that lead us to fairness, clarity and justice. At the end of the day we can now rest assured that our family time is our family time and nothing can disrupt it. He continues to be a great, incredibly knowledgeable support system that we can always count on in a time of question or concern. I will never be able to thank Charlie enough." Carrie

"Charlie is a great attorney. He has a very kind demeanor, is patient, paid attention to details, and was very effective at getting my concerns addressed in a straight to the point manner. I will definitely consider him again should I ever need legal help again." Kathleen

"[Mr.] Shane helped me and my family through a very hard time he is both knowledgeable and compassionate about his work. He kept us well informed and was honest every step of the way. Through him I was able to get custody of my son which in this state is a hard thing to do as a father. His flat rate fee program gave me the assurance that I needed to move forward with my case and allowed me to allocate the resources that I needed well in advance." Dustin

"Mr. Shane advised me through a very difficult and emotional legal separation from my husband of 25 years. His timing and knowledge proved essential in obtaining financial stability and emotional support that we need at this time by legally helping my minor children and I to relocate out-of-state. I would highly recommend his firm without hesitation. Mr. Shane is professional, prompt, knowledgeable, resourceful, and thorough." Anna

"I had a personal matter come up and I was referred to Mr. Shane. I called on Friday and had an appointment with Mr. Shane on Monday. Mr. Shane took care of matters swiftly and throughout the process, kept me in the communication loop. Mr. Shane made this most unpleasant situation, quite manageable. His actions made me feel respected and I never doubted or questioned his actions. Mr. Shane
went above and beyond my expectations." Jane

"I hired Charles 1-6 months ago.Charles handled my Real Estate matter.I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.I started a divorce in 2007, it was finalized in 2011. I hired Mr. Shane in Feb. 2014 because the ex would not sign the Quit Claim Deeds to the two properties we had owned jointly. Mr. Shane was able to write a letter to my ex-husband to get him to sign a Quit Claim Deed that he would not sign for me so we could separate the properties. Thank You, Mr. Shane with getting my real estate separated from my ex-husbands property in short order without going to court and spending more money." Laurie

​"I hired Charles after a previous attorney had given me bad advice and cost me a lot of time and money. Charlie resolved this case quickly and at minimal cost. I really can't say enough good about him. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks Charlie!!" Anonymous

"Charlie represented me in a domestic violence matter and conducted himself with the utmost sensitivity, professionalism and dedication to my case. I highly recommend his services." Anonymous 

​"Charlie Shane is the example of professional . He took my case and guided me through the process of a very difficult child custody situation with the ultimate demeanor of compassion, caring , knowledge and professionalism that exceeded my expectations . He guided me through the entire process of this issue from start to finish , always keeping me up to date on what I could expect and what steps we needed to take to complete things in a timely manner. My case had a good outcome and I feel so confident in his abilities , not only would I hire him again but I have already recommended him to friends & family for their legal needs ." Christina

"Charles Shane is an amazing lawyer,i will recommend him for anyone that is looking into an immigration case.He knows his work and knows what he is doing.He kept me well informed the entire time and because of that i had no doubt in him.He is an excellent lawyer and i highly recommend him." Fatma

​"I was very nervous and scared when I started on my way to a divorce. Mr. Shane was very sensitive and understanding. I had no previous experience with the court system or the paperwork involved. He took the time to explain everything to me which made me feel more comfortable during a difficult and confusing time. I felt he had the best interest of me and my children in his mind at all times. He was almost always available to talk and promptly returned my phone calls if he was busy. Looking back I feel it all went so smoothly because he was there to help me every step of the way. His positive and reassuring energy was exactly what I needed during a very hard time." Amy

"Thank goodness for Craigslist and we found Charlie. Over the past 2 years I have exclusively used Charlie Shane for all my legal family consulting needs. He is available continuously and puts a personal touch on everything he does. I recently hired him as full time lawyer for my Child Support Modification. His soft tone and good family nature makes him take his cases personally like he is fighting for his own family. Charlie is a very smart hard-working attorney, he does not only exhibit compassion and exemplary communication skills with his clientele, but displays calm extraordinary persuasive abilities in the courtroom as well. He was very truthful and honest with me and devoted a lot of time and energy into every aspect of my case. His reasonable flat fee helped us to rely on him and to know that he was working for us not just for the money. His excellent quality of service made him apply himself to the extreme and use good tactics in our case to help us win. I will definitely continue to use Charlie Shane for all my family needs and I highly recommend him to any person faced with a family law situation." Jennifer and Ryan

"I engaged the services of Charlie Shane and his team due to a contract dispute that arose after the sale of my Company. The buyers of my Company were in default on a large lump sum payment that was due a few months after the close of escrow. While my case was fairly solid, it was not iron clad, as I failed to get a promissory note on the monies due. The case was forced into arbitration and we were victorious. Along the way, I felt Atty Shane and his team were extremely honest, straight forward and knowledgeable. They put together a good game plan and executed the game plan very well. They were excellent in all facets of the process, including the depositions and litigation. I would HIGHLY recommend this attorney." Valerie

"Charles P. Shane is a excellent attorney, he handled my case professionally, and with integrity. He was driven making sure that I got a fair trial in my divorce. He was very thorough and knowledgeable when reviewing the material presented in my case, and to approach the case with the best possible outcome. There were substantial Items presented during the case that Charles was able to get them overturned in my favor . The case went favorably in my the direction the way we needed it to go thanks to Charles, had I not hired Charles my outcome would have been dramatically different. The overall length of this trial was 10 months and through that time Charles remained in good contact to get the correct and accurate information presented at the trial. I would highly recommend Charles P. Shane as a attorney." Zac

"Help me out and guide me in this hard situation to the point of wining custody of my daughter, can't thank enough this man.and he speaks Spanish 'gracias charly.'" Israel

"Mr. Shane was an immense help to me during a time of intense difficulty. Starting with a strong understanding of the law and the courts, Charlie helped me to maintain focus on my goals, and not get hung up on the many emotional side-issues that could draw the process out. In maintaining that focus, he was very attentive to details and keeping the process moving forward. Working with Charlie, I felt prioritized. From achieving my legal goals, to keeping my costs contained, Charlie gave me peace of mind during the process, and a successful result at the end." Rick

​"We are very pleased with the attention, care and knowledge Charlie showed with our case. We were trying to ammend a parenting plan. Charlie was willing to go after any schedule/plan we asked for while giving us helpful advice on whether our ideas were reasonable or not. He was very professional yet firm in court and while mediating our meeting with the defendent. Charlie answered emails and calls in a timely manner. Throughout our time with him we had an emergency situation that came up. He responded immediately and had documents prepared the next day." Scott

​​"Charlie was recommended to me by a trusted long time family friend. I appreciated Charlie's very professional outlook on my case from beginning to end. Even though it was a divorce case, Charlie kept everything very factual and professional, not allowing my emotions to take over and make decisions, but making the best decision through knowledge and facts always with my best interests in mind. This was especially important because children were involved in the case. I appreciated how Charlie took the time to explain any misunderstandings or questions I had, as well as patiently re-explain them when I forgot or overlooked them. I feel that Charlie did a great job handling my case as well as pursuing and tying up any loose ends involved with the case. Another thing that I appreciated about Charlie is the fact that every one knows how expensive lawyers are and Charlie was very considerate of my financial limitations and proceeded accordingly, still accomplishing what I asked of him.Charlie's time to shine is definitely at litigation time,however I did not provide him with very many opportunities to do that. Charlie respectfully carried out my instructions throughout the entire case. I especially appreciated as the case came to a close. For future attorney needs I will definitely contact Charles P. Shane before I make any judicial decisions." Edward

"Charlie handles both unlawful detainers and general business legal issues for us. He keeps us well-informed and is easy to work with. He makes time to talk to us." DGP Inc.

"I live in a small town, which presents a difficult challenge when needing an adequate lawyer. I was extremely lucky to find Mr. Shane. He was more than happy and willing to travel during my many times of need. I hired him to enforce a child support order and he obtained the desired results, while conducting himself with high personal and professional conduct. Next it was on to custody and contempt issues. Mr. Shane has met each new legal challenge with knowledge and clarity as to what is important to fight for. My cases have held strong emotions for me, but Mr. Shane has had a way of keeping me grounded, focused, and guided in order to make the best legal decisions for myself and for my children. He continues to be of service, very trustworthy and responsive. We haven't lost yet!" Christina

​"Mr. Shane did a wonderful job with my case. He continually keep me informed with all aspects of my case. I felt very comfortable since I hired Mr. Shane. He did whatever was required to get the best outcome for my case. I will use Mr. Shane again" Steve

"I recently retained the services of Charles Shane for a DUI charge. Fearing the worst I met with several lawyers with the Arrow Law Group who were wonderful, Charles took on the case and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. He was able to drop the civil [DOL licensing] case completely so my license wasn't suspended or taken away. For the criminal case, with certain evidence brought against me, I didn't feel I had much of a chance to have my DUI charge reduced to a Reckless, however he did not give up. There were certain stipulations in my arrest that he shed light on and my DUI ending up getting dropped. I am extremely impressed with the way Charles handled the case and would definitely recommend him highly to anyone needing a DUI attorney. I am more than happy with the end result. I encourage anyone to at least call him before choosing representation." Nicole

​"It's been over a year since I hired Charlie and so much has changed for the better in that time. My ex took off out of state with my two children and I was faced with an uphill battle to get them back. From the day I hired him he had a game plan and was very adaptable at any curve balls that came our way, and there was plenty. He was also very encouraging and kept me fighting in times that I felt like it was hopeless. He was great at working with the opposing parties lawyer, and in the end we reached a good settlement. I truly hope I never have any more legal battles of this magnitude, but if I do Charlie is the first person I'll call!" Spencer

​"Charlie is very knowledgeable. He took my case and bring it to a wonderfull and happy end; put all his effort to get for me the best answers i wanted; i did visit others Lawyers; but when i meet with Charlie, i knowed he was going to be the one who will help me. I'm and forever will be so grateful to my Lawyer. Thanks, on the name of my family." S.S.


​"He made the case less stressful for me and my family. Always on the ball per say with the court documents. I would hire him again if I ever need or have a situation that would require his expertise." Nathan