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Uncontested Divorce

      Sometimes couples agree they want a divorce and how to divide the property and debts. If they have children, they agree who will have primary custody and what will be the visitation schedule. Everything will be just fine so long as they agree right? All they need to do now is just march into court? 

     There are two problems with that scenario. First, people forget things over time or forget to put things in the paperwork. If the paperwork does not accurately reflect both parties understanding of the agreement, it can lead to conflict. Your uncontested divorce now becomes contested and things can get ugly quickly. The second problem is the court has a maze of procedures and paperwork that you need to do in order to get a divorce. It is not an easy process for a non lawyer.

     At the Law Office of Charlie Shane, PLLC, we can help you solve these problems. Let us put together the paperwork for you. Let us make sure the paperwork reflects the agreement that you have with your spouse. Please call or email and set up a consultation today.